Welcome to Berard Judo Academy


“I would like to introduce myself, I am Nicolas Berard head coach and owner of Berard Judo Academy.  As a coach I challenge my students to dream big and I motivate and guide them so that they can achieve their most ambitious goals.  It has been a gift to see my students grow and shine since they started Judo.  Our club is a family club and our friendly classes are designed to benefit male and female students of all ages, beginners and experienced of all fitness levels.  Contact me for a complementary two week trial .”

Kids Program

Judo teaches children to be focused, provides encouragement to keep trying, reminds children to be respectful and increases self-esteem and confidence. Our Junior program builds strength and coordination while developing awareness of Judo techniques and are suitable for boys and girls aged 5 to 12 years old.

Judo Around the World

Judo is practiced by 22 million people around the world.  French Superstar Teddy Riner has won ten World Championship gold medals, the first and only judoka to do so, and two Olympic gold medals.

Judo is more than an Olympic Sport


Judo evolved from a martial art developed in Japan hundreds of years ago.  Jigoro Kano created Judo in 1882.  It has been an Olympic sport since 1964.  Judo means “the gentle way”. It teaches how to use someones motion and weight against them.

Contact Information


Berard Judo Academy operates on premise at the Youth Hall of the Salvation Army in the suburb of Essendon, Victoria.  The hall is matted with premium quality German Tatami Judo Mats.

880 Mt Alexander Rd Essendon, Victoria 3040



Nicolas Berard   0401 341 384

Locky Nguyen   0439 838 833